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Development of Mixed-Use Water System

As part of our combo-development strategy, which involves the development of several multi-well pads in tandem, we frequently look to implement new processes geared towards making our operations more efficient — thereby fully maximizing the benefits of combo-development. One of the new processes that we implemented in 2021 involved transitioning away from water transported by truck in favor of piped water, where possible. Transitioning to piped freshwater reduces truck traffic, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and air emissions while also reducing road traffic and noise within the communities where we operate.

As we transitioned to seeking to source more of our water from piped sources, we quickly realized that a portion of our operating areas did not have access to the infrastructure necessary for piped freshwater. Accordingly, in 2021, we began the development of a 45-mile, mixed-use water system which, when completed, will serve as the primary source of freshwater for certain of our operations. This water system was placed partially in service in 2021 following the installation of 119,000 feet of pipe and we turned in‑line our first well pad supported by the water system in the fourth quarter of 2021. We also utilized this system to move impaired water offsite. In 2022, we plan to open a centralized storage facility, which will provide more storage and increase hauling efficiency, resulting in reduced water disposal. Our new water system is expected to service approximately 1.8 million feet of pay based on our development schedule, with an extensive inventory of future locations that will also benefit from this infrastructure.

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