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Employees Innovate for Safety and Receive FOCUS Coins

Adam Lemley, a Flowback Coordinator in our Production team, received his fourth FOCUS coin for SUPPORT during the flowback operations on the Strosnider well pad in 2020. Adam took proactive steps to reduce a chance of spills when rigging down flowback sites. Instead of letting the flowback tanks drive off containment and potentially contaminate the gravel on the pad, Adam and his crew took the initiative to wipe off flowback tank tires and absorbent pads to clean off residual fluids before the flowback tanks drove off containment, thereby decreasing the chance of contaminating the gravel on the pad. This outstanding thinking promotes positive impacts on the environment and SUPPORTS our EHS initiatives.

On the same site, Ron Virgili, a supervisor on our Production team, was awarded a FOCUS coin for UNDERSTANDING after identifying the need to develop an alternative method for how drivers pull water off the production tank battery under our current design. While talking through the process with production engineering and EHS, Ron proposed an alternative approach that would eliminate the bleed-off valve on the pumping assembly, thereby decreasing accidental fluid loss from drivers taking hoses off their trucks and minimizing the chance of damage to the containment area from hoses being tossed into it. He clearly has an UNDERSTANDING of the process and the need to improve on it for the betterment of EQT and the environment.

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