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Qrew Metrics

We aim to be the operator of choice for natural gas production. To do so, we understand our tools and operations need to be industry leading. With that ethos in mind, in 2021, we developed a digital dashboard that currently tracks over 2,000 metrics and associated statistics, which we refer to internally as our “Qrew Metrics” program. The Qrew Metrics digital dashboard allows us to better understand our operational efficiencies at a granular level. Each metric has a short- and long-term target, allowing us to efficiently assess how we are performing at that specific metric. The Qrew Metrics digital dashboard brings transparency to the entire company by highlighting the most important areas of performance and building accountability for the teams and departments responsible for delivering that performance.

Qrew Metrics, which began as a way to track and report on the metrics associated with ESG topics — such as climate and GHG emissions, talent attraction and retention, and technological evolution, has evolved into an information tracking and reporting tool for every EQT department and team. This robust data tracking has allowed us to see a clear path to achieving our emissions reduction targets, something we believe sets us apart from our peers and is now a core element supporting our optimization of all of our operations.

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