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The Clemente Tree Story

In 2016, EQT began engaging a landowner in Greene County, Pennsylvania to avoid impacts and address concerns prior to developing a site on their property. We applied for an Erosion and Sediment Control General permit in September 2018 and it was issued in June 2019. Between the time of the permit application and issuance, a new owner was in the process of acquiring the property. When we brought up the site for discussion at the local Zoning Hearing, there was an outpouring of community support to protect a large, nearly 350-year-old White Oak tree located in the middle of a planned stormwater management facility. With the cooperation of our Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reviewer, and some changes to the pad’s access road, we were able to stay within the bounds of our permit while also protecting the health of the tree. This tree is now one of three trees registered in Greene County as part of the PA Champion Trees program. This tree, the largest of the three registered, boasts a trunk circumference of 219 inches and is approximately 80 feet tall with a spread of 106 feet, scoring 324 points.

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