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Promoting Safety During COVID-19

In response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020, we formed a COVID-19 Response Task Force comprised of our executive team and other key members of management to discuss the potential impacts of the pandemic on our daily operations and the safety of our employees and business partners. Our EHS team updated safety policies and procedures for all EQT site visitors, including temperature checks and brief health screenings, as well as rapid testing for out-of-state visitors, to minimize potential exposures. Employees believing they may have been exposed to the virus were encouraged to make arrangements with the EHS team and Medical Services team to utilize our drive-up testing site at our Woodcliff office in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

To enhance safety at all locations, our EHS team developed a tracing system to assist with accountability for any onsite incidents and enabling an accurate headcount. The system proved invaluable during the pandemic as it allowed us to perform contact tracing for individuals that may have been exposed to individuals who tested positive for the virus. In 2020, we received notice of 20 traceable instances where individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 had been at one of our field locations with a guard shack present. In response to these positive cases, over 700 companies were notified and we informed over 5,000 individuals of their potential exposure to COVID-19.

We also implemented weekly deep cleanings in our offices, in addition to regular evening cleanings, and have provided all employees, both field- and office-based, with the proper personal protective equipment to protect themselves. As the pandemic spread, we were able to use our digital work environment to quickly and seamlessly pivot to a distributed workforce model.

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