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Williams Industrial Fire and Hazard Training and Washington County Fire Academy

In June 2019, EQT partnered with local Emergency Management Agency directors to sponsor a four-day training in College Station, Texas on how to effectively handle an oil and gas operations-related emergency. We sent 12 first responders from the Greene County Department of Emergency Services, Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services, Washington County Department of Public Safety, Belmont County Emergency Management and Wetzel County Emergency Management, and paid for their course registration, travel, lodging and food expenses. Attendees identified and discussed the logistical issues associated with the need for adequate water in the event of a fire on an oil and gas location. In follow-up two months later, we joined forces with personnel from the Washington County Department of Public Safety, North Strabane Township Fire Department, Seven Point Energy and Myers Well Service at the Washington County Fire Academy to address this issue. Industry personnel and first responders tested theories and tactics to provide ample and adequate volumes of water needed to apply cooling water and firefighting foam to industrial fires. Tests to determine flow rates, refill times, staging and resource sharing and management helped identify additional opportunities to improve the process. This successful exercise highlights the importance of continued collaboration and inter-operability between business units, industry and first responders.

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