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Employees Step Up to
Support a Family in Need

When EQT employee Leah Trapl learned in the summer of 2019 that her four-year-old daughter had a cancerous tumor needing removal, she was overwhelmed by both the emotional toll and concern about how to manage her work schedule and six months of treatment for her daughter. Her team immediately jumped in to cover her work while her daughter had an initial surgery. Knowing that the next several months held dozens of appointments, chemotherapy and radiation, Leah contacted EQT nurse, Karen Leonhard, to discuss solutions. Nurse Karen reached out to EQT employees on Leah’s behalf to see if employees would be willing to donate paid vacation days to Leah via our Vacation Donation Program. The support was overwhelming. Our employees — many of whom Leah had never met — deposited more than enough hours for Leah to be with her daughter, go to doctor’s appointments and focus on what truly matters. This amounted to more than 100 hours during the subsequent months.

 “I received such an outpouring of support from my colleagues… We would have made it work no matter what, but not needing to think about the financial piece of it while it was all going on provided such peace of mind.”

-Leah Trapl, Vacation Donation Program recipient

These EQT employees, many of whom donated their hours anonymously, exemplify our values of teamwork and heart. Their generosity continues to inspire our workforce.

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