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Improving Safety Measure for Water Haulers

In response to an increase in rollovers involving trucks hauling fresh and produced water from well pads to other locations, our EHS team developed a cross-functional task force with our business partners to understand the cause of the accidents and brainstorm how to prevent them. We determined that the majority of accidents occurred while drivers were distracted or traveling too fast for the road conditions. In rolling out our FOCUS safety program to our contractors, we chose to have water haulers go through the inaugural training. With the support of our Water team, we filmed various scenarios to display proper and improper driving techniques. More than 500 contractors completed the training, for which we received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Another concern was that the trucks were possibly overloaded and the weight of the water and the truck design were making the trucks unstable. We contracted with a third-party inspection service and set up unannounced weigh stations at different locations, allowing us to weigh the trucks and perform safety inspections before the trucks were offloaded to ensure a legal amount of water was being hauled. These inspections were also educational for drivers, as inspectors were able to discuss proper use of tag axles and truck operation. Additionally, we worked with truck owners and manufacturers to discuss truck design and understand if we are using the safest vehicles possible. Our areas of focus included:

  • Obtaining a better understanding of the rollover events and determining the underlying causes of rollovers
  • Determining if underlying causes of rollovers could be mitigated by re-design of tanks or chassis configurations
  • Determining if underlying causes of rollovers could be mitigated with further driver intervention processes, such as additional driver training, awareness and/or warning systems
  • Beginning to research potential for longitudinal tank baffles to lessen side to side fluid motion

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